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Why everyone will be a gamer

Updated: Jan 3

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What A Time To Be Alive

If you didn`t realize, despite all the threats and problems we are facing today, truth is that we still live some of the most peaceful times of our history

You might not be aware of this as you are constantly exposed to the overwhelming and biased news feed which triggers your feelings more than your reasoning, but with a little bit of effort we can reckon not only to last century`s scale of destruction but also the world that preceeded it.

From the daily lives of ordinary people to the national justice systems, religion and diplomacy, human society was full of violent acts and rhetorics, and by the way, you might first reflect about that before you blame globalism for being the source of all evil.

Expanding horizons

However, I don`t want to absolutize the current status quo, but the contrary. I want to capture the dynamics of what helps us build a better humanity.

My belief is that our constant evolving ability for abstraction and symbolism is one of the most important virtues that we have.

Yes, abstraction is in fact the very force that is lifting us on our transcendental path of evolution. It is our departure from the past primordial world of contingency and necessity. It is about engineering causality by creating a bridge between the material world and the world of ideas and a link between the Biosphere and the Noosphere, which is the world of reasoning. It is about chanelling our instincts by the means of creativity. For that reason I have always thought that sports have special place in our society because they play a huge role in dismantling conflicts and competition and reassembling them into a smart and noble experience!

Imagine a world where wars are not fought on the battlefields but on sports arenas or online tournaments! Yes, we still project the artifacts of violence in many of our sports and games, but this is definitely a step forward and these are most of the time a harmless simulation.

Everthing you can imagine is real

Pablo Picasso said it so and he was so right! Whatever we design and build starts from the seeds of an early idea and then grows and evolves by feeding from the passions of its creators and the possibillities of the environment. Picasso was at the forefront of 20`th century innovative thinking as one of the co-founders of Cubism. He started by studying the classics but then embraced modernism. It is this synergy between the old and the new that helped him become greater than its time.

Today the world has changed so much and we are witnessing a new digital revolution. It is the era of interaction and immersiveness. It is the era of Extended Reality or XR, which is the mix of enhanced digital and physical experiences: augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR), and wearables. But it is NOT here to replace existing values and aesthetics. Just as the name suggests, it is here to Extend them. We are all together part of this ever-growing tree of existence, feeding our inspiration from the past and branching our ideas into the world of tomorrow.

It has never been easier as it is today to share ideas and project them into reality. It is real what you believe it is.

New building blocks

We are entering a new era of creators and world makers. Descentralisation, open sourcing and neural networks will transform everything around us, from economy to governance and from the workplaces to the job markets.

Many are skeptic about the benefits of AI. What will people do in a world of automation? The truth is that AI will empower everyone with the most powerfull creative tools they ever had while replacing them on the most mechanic and repetitive activities. Sure, simplicity will not go away and does`nt even need to! It is beautifull and healthy, but you will be free to choose when and what you want to do that better suits your needs and aspirations.

What AI is actually doing is that it`s adding another layer of abstraction to the whole story. It is in fact a dynamic interface between us and something else, usually very complex that makes it easier for us to recognize it and use it to build something new. It is a tool.

It has always been like this, but instead of building with bricks or brushstrokes, we will build with feelings and new interactive experiences.

New Economy

It is for this reason that gaming will be one of the biggest things. It will even influence other industries as it will blend art, product design, fashion, film making, sports and music into a new ecosystem of Extended Reality.

Gaming will be a very common activity for both the creators and for the players and perhaps there will not even be a clear distinction between them. The rise of blockhain technology and the NFT`s has brought the play2earn concept to a whole new level.

Before you had to take part in these centralized, exclusive gaming tournaments but now we are talking about an open and descentralzed economy that is blending the world of gaming with the world of finance. That might sound dangerous for some, but like I said, I think its not a about replacing the existing but rather about expanding the range of choices while making the whole ecosystem financially more sustainable by rewarding the creators and those who believe in them.

I am optimistic about this technology and maybe you could be too. Either way, it is happening already and it`s up on everyone to harness its potential in a way that is benefic.

Will this technology end world hunger? Well unlike the usual negative answer, I think we could be at the beginning of a Yes and it is already happening. There are people who are making a living on these play2earn games. And there is more to come as traditional jobs are being replaced by automation.

But its not about gaming here. Its about the bigger picture. It is about empowerment

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