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I am excited to finally reveal the biophilic masterplan vision that I designed in 2021 for

visionary development in Mauritius.

Themed around a FIA full-electric car racing circuit and spanning over a 220 Ha area, the masterplan is an opportunity growth for much, much more. It is park, an electric motorsport complex, a residential, a commercial, a business and innovation center, an entertainment, healthcare and meditation area and a manifesto for a sustainable future where technology embraces tradition and nature blends with architecture.

The design evolved naturally in a literal way. Growing organically, from the seeds of the topography, the vegetation, and the existing waterways, they became a recurring pattern that slowly transformed into a zoning diagram, a circulation network and ultimately into architecture.

Above everything else, the biophilic philosophy shaped the project by the way of the dialogue with the natural surroundings, local culture, materials and technology, in the patterns, the details, the fragmentation and human scale approach.

The following are a glimpse of some of the areas, including types of residential, the healthcare and recovery center, business, innovation hub and commercial center.

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