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Nature, the greatest architect

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Our ancestral connection with the nature has been acknowledged and discussed but the forces that drive our society are most of the time beyond our control and will often make us forget it.

We shouldn`t rush things too much, oversimplifying and ignoring the human side of the things that we build and design which leads to losing the very humanity within ourselfs.

We should not transform our environments into an austere jungle of metal and concrete.

The fact that we have reached the point where the total mass of the objects that we`ve made exceeds the total mass of the living beings on Earth must be a turning point in the way we think our relation with the planet.

I believe that architects and designers carry a huge responsability to transform benefic knowledge into healthy habits that can lift our society into a better tomorrow. However, we must realize that it is not only a matter of numbers. It is much more than that, because we are much more than abstract concepts. We are multi layered beings with deep and complex connections with each others and with the natural environment.

In order to keep these connections alive, we must first embrace complexity and understand the laws of nature as a partner and not as an enemy.

Our built environment should always remind us that the first and most important architect is Nature itself.

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